/ Combat-Oriented CCW Class


Combat Oriented Handgun
For The Ohio Concealed Handgun License Class

This course will consist of 8 hours of hands on training and dry fire practice, and 2 hours live fire of 100 rounds, while moving and shooting at the range. Skills learned will be grip and stances for defending yourself with a handgun. The student will learn moving while drawing from concealed and bringing the handgun to a ready position to prepare to defend themselves. The student will also learn the safe handling and storage of handguns and safe handling and storage of ammunition rules. A written test is required by the State of Ohio.

The shooting principles are from COL Rex Applegate who learned them from Shanghai Municipal Police Officers, W.E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes developed in the 1920s.  COL Applegate went on to teach these techniques to the OSS during WW II.  These techniques are used today by Delta Force.

Course Cost:  $100.00

Prerequisite Course(s):  NONE

Course Notes:

  • Students will need to supply 100 rounds of ammunition for the two trips to the range.
  • Neither revolvers nor .22 caliber pistols are permitted in this course.
  • DO NOT purchase a pistol for this course if you do not already own one.
  • We will supply all appropriate gear, minus ammunition, for the student.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Proven concealed-carry handgun safety skills
  • Fundamentals of defensive shooting
  • Safety oriented pistol handling
  • Operational fundamentals of handguns
  •  Safety oriented reloading of handguns
  • Magazine management
  • Safe malfunction clearing skills
  • Carry positions and holster selection
  • Tactical draw from concealment
  • Point shooting and sighted shooting
  • Combat accuracy
  • Tactical movement
  • Personal-defense ammunition selection
  • Ammunition safety and storage
  • Range and dry-fire drills to improve skill
  • Effective use of distance
  • Recognizing a threat
  • Coping with confrontational stress
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Law
  • How to communicate with law enforcement

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