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customer-feedbackI have known Woody Wilson for over 30 years, as a mentor, friend and business associate. My original association with him was in Martial Arts training. Woody brought me from bumbling Tae Kwon Do neophyte through advanced Black Belt ranks and Concealed Carry permit to advanced self defense training. When I review my training experience, one facet continues to surface. That being Woody’s constant challenge for personal growth, both for himself as an instructor, and for his students.

Our Martial Arts family was named “Song Mu Kwon”, which loosely translated means “Evergreen — always growing”. Woody lives that mantra, and instills it in his students. He constantly updates his technique and seems to have a knack for finding ways to motivate.

Although trained in Martial Arts, I grew up never having handled more than a pellet gun. My first reaction to Woody’s suggestion that I learn about guns and get a concealed carry permit was the usual fear of the unknown. Woody started with plastic guns and ammunition; then took me through offsite training in basic and intermediate handgun usage and back to his own NRA approved CCW course. PCI now offers all of that training on site.

As a businessman, a pilot, a scuba diver and martial artist I have learned that many courses offer certificates and licenses for time and money spent; yet fail to offer real, useful day to day knowledge. Having discussed training with other CCW holders, I feel that PCI offers much more. The student of PCI completes courses with not only minimum requirements, but with practical ability and the desire to continue learning- continue growing.
~J. M. Lane

I have studied martial arts for years, Tae Kwon Do primarily. I studied at a school that trained hard and fought hard. PCI’s self defense system is far easier to learn and far far more affective to protect ones self than my earlier training ever could. My wife has studied at PCI also and has become quit efficient with the system.

My wife and I are CCW holders and always carry where permitted. We each have had several 100 hours of gun handling training from nationally known trainers. From that experience we can say that Mr. Wilson of PCI and his most outstanding staff will provide the willing student with a sound, high quality training experience.

When you receive your CCW training from PCI you not only have all you need to legally obtain your permit, you will also receive the training that will enable you to protect yourself and your loved ones with your weapon.

You don’t just learn to punch holes in a paper target at PCI, you learn how to run your gun  if your life is threatened.
~John and Abigail Adams.

My reason for taking the class was to feel comfortable having a pistol for home protection with the confidence to handle it safely. Woody’s patience made me feel at ease and the material was presented in a way that was easy to understand.
~Lisa F.

Once I decided to obtain my CCW license, I began to look for instruction that would teach me the skills necessary to effectively carry and deploy a handgun when I needed it most; and to come out alive. To my disappointment, most CCW classes I looked into confined you to sitting and reading firearm safety instruction and the Ohio Concealed Carry Law books for 10 hours, then had you fire a given number of shots at a paper plate for the two-hour range time requirement. I wanted more that that! PCI provided me with the appropriate gun handling skills to deal with a deadly encounter in addition to the safety, operational, and storage instruction requirements of Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law. The instructors were professional and worked with each student according to their skill level. I recommend this class to anyone that wants the knowledge to handle and carry a handgun and to use it with confidence. This is the class for you if you have never fired a gun before or if you are a lifetime shooter like me. The knowledge and skill I obtained from this class gave me the incentive to enroll in additional firearm instruction. It has been fun and very rewarding. Thanks!!
~Pat L

I had the opportunity to attend Woody’s CCW class after already receiving my concealed carry license. In my first class before Woody’s we spent several hours going over the parts of a gun from the trigger to the barrel. All members of the class who had been shooting for years fought back the overwhelming desire to spend the entire class in a peaceful nap. But we all also thought this information was all that was required for our licenses so we sat through it. I was amazed how different, valuable, informative, and useful Woody’s class was. My wife will be taking his class soon. He emphasized accuracy, speed, and decision-making, at the same time as developing our personal skills. I would highly recommend his CCW class as well as any other class he offers. Woody is a good teacher who will not only give you the required information to obtain your CCW license, but will also make you more confident in your ability to use those skills if ever needed. Anyone who shoots a pistol or who would like to learn how, will benefit from Woody’s class; even if they don’t want a concealed carry license.
~Andrew H.