/ F.A.Q.’s
faq-5Q: My martial arts friends say it takes years to become proficient at this stuff.  How can I learn it in just 24 class hours?

A:  To learn traditional martial arts does require years of training to become a proficient “Competitor”.  Martial artists and sport fighters operate within a given set of rules.  Those rules are restrictions that force you to train for years to become proficient.  Our only rules are to never fight fair and to win.

Q:  I’m not very athletic, or strong, or fast or…etc. If some thug is bigger than me how can I possibly survive his attack?

A:   All the more reason you need the information and training I provide in the Personal Combat training, a system based on knowledge and principles not athletic skill or physical size or conditioning.  If you are smaller and weaker than your attacker and you have just one opportunity to strike, then it is critical that you know what to do with that opportunity.  Your life or the life of your loved ones may very well ride on it.

Q:  All I’d really like to learn is just a few good moves to use in case something happened.  Surely I don’t need to spend 24 hours just for that do I?

A:  That type of approach is an extremely dangerous way to prepare for a life-or-death confrontation.  You are banking on the fact that you can find 3 or 4 techniques that can handle any of the infinite methods of attack that can be used by a determined thug.  I guarantee that Murphy’s Law is alive and well, and that your pet technique will not be able to work against the attack you end up getting.  When you complete my course you will be able to seamlessly handle any attack using the PCI principles and training.