/ Combat Oriented Handgun For The Ohio Concealed Handgun License Class


Combat Oriented Handgun
For The Ohio Concealed Handgun License Class

This course will consist of 7 hours of hands on training and dry fire practice, and 2 hours live fire of 100 rounds, while moving and shooting at the range. Skills learned will be grip and stances for defending yourself with a handgun. The student will learn moving while drawing fron concealed and bringing the handgun to a ready position to prepare to defend themseles. The student will also learn the safe handling and storage of handguns and ammunition rules. A written test is required by the State of Ohio.

Course Cost:  $100.00

Prerequisite Course(s):  NONE

Course Notes:

  • Students will need to supply 100 rounds of ammunition for the second day shooting practice.
  • Neither revolvers nor .22 caliber pistols are permitted in this course.
  • DO NOT purchase a pistol for this course if you do not already own one.
  • We will supply all appropriate gear, minus ammunition, for the student.

What you will learn in this course:

  • Proven concealed-carry handgun safety skills
  • Fundamentals of defensive shooting
  • Safety oriented pistol handling
  • Operational fundamentals of handguns
  •  Safety oriented reloading of handguns
  • Magazine management
  • Safe malfunction clearing skills
  • Carry positions and holster selection
  • Tactical draw from concealment
  • Sighted and non-sighted shooting
  • Combat accuracy
  • Tactical movement
  • Personal-defense ammunition selection
  • Ammunition safety and storage
  • Range and dry-fire drills to improve skill
  • Effective use of distance
  • Recognizing a threat
  • Coping with confrontational stress
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Law
  • How to communicate with law enforcement